remember her

from the movie "Her"
 Man, you are kind of confused. There is a girl, about whom you keep thinking like for a while. You are thinking about her more often than about your family. The thing is you did not try hard to remember her. When you were friends, you were good friends and you liked her. Then you left and did not see each other for 16 months. But kept thinking about her from time to time. And in recent months it's just about almost every day (just few minutes, but still). Such an anomally! Must be vise versa! It must be first you think a lot and then you forget. But here such a case: the further you go, the better you remember. That's so weird! Suddenly: 
"Hm, where is she now? How does she feel?."
Then you go to her Facebook page to check out recent updates:
"Oh, she is walking in that city, as you did. She looks like I remember her. Nice pictures. Hasn't really changed. This cute smile and lively look. Omg, who is That guy? Pff.
Stop spying, go away from facebook. 
When you think about her, you smile. Wonder if does she think about you. But it does not matter. You know there are thousands of kilometers between you. And it is not certain if you will meet her again. So keep your focus.
Just feel good when think about her. Hope & wish she is happy.


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