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海納百川 - all rivers run into a sea

Dr. William Lo is Chief Executive of Kwai Chung Hospital and Chairman of Mental Health Association of Hong Kong. I had a chance to interview him personally while being an editor at Harbour Lights, JCIHK Magazine. 
Dr Lo is a psychiatrist by background. He has been instrumental in the development of the Clinical Service Plan of KCH which helps facilitate the planned modernisation of HA psychiatric services. Dr Lo successfully implemented a series of corporate and local initiatives to enhance psychiatric support to cluster general hospitals, discharged mental patients and psychiatric outpatients. He is innovative in launching public mental health education activities such as the KCH Drama Group, Mental Health First Aid training and Open Art Competitions on Mental Health and Mental Wellness to combat the stigma of psychiatric patients. He currently also serves as Chairman of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, Associate Director of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Res…

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