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In Corpore Sano

A scene from a movie "Joker" (2019) " What's the secret of a healthy body? ", - Konstrakta, a Serbian singer-songwriter, asked at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, while referencing to Meghan Markle's hair . From all other songs presented, this one got me the most, not only for its engaging chorus " Biti zdrava " (meaning "to be healthy"), but also for powerful and thought-provoking ending, which translates into English as: A sick mind in a healthy body A sad soul in a healthy body A desperate mind in a healthy body A frightened mind in a healthy body So what do we do now? As healthcare systems around the world are primed on saving lives of patients, the matter of quality of the life is often out of the picture or given much lesser priority. In her song Konstrakta is referencing to mental health problems, which became more apparent as pandemic lured in. The topic of the mental health is close to my heart, as my family has a history of me

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