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A Wish for a New Year

 “ Losing is part of living. But some of us live even though we're lost. That's what love does ” - the lost toy" ― J.K. Rowling, The Christmas Pig As 2022 was about to come in, I finished the book of JK Rowling, a fairy tale, called 'The Christmas Pig', fifteen minutes before the midnight. I was alone in my tiny room in the two-bedroom flat in Sai Ying Pun, on the Western street. My flatmate wasn't home. I did not feel like going out either, because I knew what I wanted and wished for I will not find at the LKF club parties or at the West Kowloon watching fireworks. Celebrating with friends and loved one did not work out, but I did not feel sad or lonely, because throughout years (of therapy) I've learned to be completely Ok within my own company. And the JK Rowling's book was actual fun read. The story is about a boy who went with Christmas Pig into the Land of Lost to find his old and very much beloved (but lost) toy. I think it's useful as an adu

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