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Standard Deviation

  Stanford Dish, California Midnight walks, chat conversations, And I sit down, write on new sensations  Hello America! O land of freedom,  This campus looks like the Garden of Eden  Squirrels and rabbits running around  So much of greenery and birds singing sound  “ They even have a dog park! ”, - he said amused, While two dogs played ball-catching game, and not confused Before we go to courts for beach volleyball You’ve got to see the food at Arrillaga’s dining hall $10 all-you-can-eat: strawberries, veggies, grilled meats, seafood,  Yogurt, and three types of ice-cream made my belly feeling good.  And people. The smartest people of the nation, Not much to say, just inspiration  Everyone seems a little genius, but me - Last Sunday I took five hours to figure out how to calculate SD* * SD = standard deviation

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