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Exit at the Admiralty Station

 It’s not enough to merely seek the truth or find the truth, but we must do so in love and in relationships. That's how science and art interplay. The former is about the truth and the latter is about love. -    David Roark,  Alien and Time: The Philosophy of “Arrival” *** Thinking about you day by day. Missing you. Loving you. In my mind going over the last moments being together.  As Billie Eilish said: "The sad thing is you actually don't know me. And I don't really know you. But obviously we are connected."  Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress (also known as Akkerman fortress), south of Ukraine I picture myself being in front of a massive fortress gate. The gates are locked and I can't get in. There is no way I can climb over the walls. It's very well built fortress, which protects its treasure - you, the real you. So I have to stand outside and wait for you; call you out with a hope that you will come. You did show up for a little while, but mostly from th

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