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All too well

Love is so short, forgetting is so long.   - Pablo Neruda  The Dish at sunrise, while morning run in Sept, 2023 I had a dream of him last night. It has been 10 months, I thought, it should be over. But it's not over (yet). As Taylor's lyrics goes: " And I might be okay, but I'm not fine at all ". It was a spacious cafe with the old style decor from seventies. Vintage furniture, classy bar table, high ceiling, big windows, lots of sunlight. It reminded me of that downtown cafe in Cairo I went for breakfast few years back. As I came in, unexpectedly, he was there. The strange thing is that before coming to that cafe, in my dream, there was some sort of a plan for us to meet later. But here we are, at this cafe. It felt exciting. And he was surprised as well. We ordered hot chocolate and I secretly asked waiter for rose macaroon. But he figured out it. Smart, as always...  The poetry, it has so much power. After we broke up, I started to write poems. For the first fe

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