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How I escaped the War in Ukraine

 It has been over three weeks as Russia begun a full scale war with Ukraine. I was in Kyiv on Feb 24th, when it all started. A call from grandpa woke me up at 6:30 am: - Are they bombing Kyiv?, - he asked. - What? I have not heard anything, - I said, barely opening my eyes being half-sleeping. - No sound of sirens? My friend called me from California. He said they are bombing Kyiv. - No, I haven't heard anything, - I responded after looking out of the window. The city was quiet.  I hang up and continue to sleep. The evening before I booked a flight from Kyiv to Almaty, where I planned to go for business trip - a demo road show with a medical device I am promoting. Then before 9 am I received a call from my sister, who lives in Vilnius, Lithuania: - Did you see the news?, - she asked worryingly. - The war has started. I went online to Ukrainska Pravda  news website (Ukrainian Truth), and saw the article titled: "THE WAR HAS STARTED". Not truly believing that's what rea

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