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A Meaning of Being Good Man

A friend recently asked how I would describe myself in three words. I said: "Curious. Responsible. Busy". But then I thought: is it really the case? Hang Cen Ling and Tenement House - the Ming sunset by Kwong Man Chun Some time ago I had a call with my coach-mentor Tony. And we had this discussion about identity, what defines me. And one word that came up during the conversation was ' sacrifice '.   To step back, and give you a context, we were talking about why is that there are things I want to do, to accomplish, however due to various reasons and excuses, I simply don't. From Tony's perspective, there are two aspect to it: inner and outer. Inner (internal) aspect to our all wants and desires is a "source code" - combination of values, principles, beliefs, ethics - the software through which I run my life. On the outer aspect, externally, there is an environment where I "operate" - other people, events, situations that I can't contro

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