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What is the difference between sales and international business development in medical device field

On Sept 15th 2014 I joined Rehab-Robotics. It a technology company that develops and manufacture, as you might guess from the name, robotic rehabilitation devices, specifically one called Hand of Hope. I was the first person to be fully responsible for developing company business internationally. The technology is aiming to help stroke patients to improve their hand motor function.

Prior joining the company I had never worked as export manager or international business development. I did have some prior experience in sales, mostly services (like consulting). I remember even had to ask Google what does business development means and how it is different from sales. Even I had left the company in May 2017, I still with the industry work with another manufacturer called EGZOTech, as well as consult few other companies.

So what does it mean to develop a business? How does the one "develops" business? In traditional view, to develop means to grow it and since business is typicall…

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