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Why some people become our friends or what forms a connection?

Sometimes I wonder why do we choose to hang out with one type of people versus another? Why do we find some people attractive and other don't? It does not mean that they are "bad" or something wrong with them. There is just no chemistry - "not my tribe". 
A lot of research is out there on the topic. For example, we prefer lifelong partners/spouses who remind us our parents. But how do we choose a friend? Why some people become our friends while others do not?
The issue of selecting a "right" group of people to hang out with came up only after I was "driven out" from my natural environment (Ukraine) by my curiosity to explore and understand what China is and where it is going. In Shanghai and more later in Hong Kong, I was seeking new friendships with people who have similar interests as me - public speaking, self-development, giving back to the community, entrepreneurship, The Economist, etc. But even within those communities, I didn't …

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