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Almost two weeks I am in the USA as a participant of International Visitors Leadership Program. Almost two quite busy and full of experience weeks. In Washington DC I took part in the conference, which was organized by US-Ukraine Foundation. The topic of the conference was "Leadership in the Global World" and we have discussed a lot about youth issue and how it is important to provide high-quality education. That was an important event with Ambassadors, Ministers, NBU representatives, top level businessmen, givernment bodies (even the Mayor of Kyiv came to Washington for Gala-dinner).
in Milwaukee, near the Michigan Lake
I was glad to meet Collin Powell there, American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He presented his book "It worked for me: in life and leadership". I asked him do he had a goal to become the most important person in the US Army, general, when he was 21-22 years old. Mr. Powell answered: no, because it does not work. He said: "Do your best everyday in the field of your passion. And then you will open for yourself new opportunities and horizons". Now I read his book, where he describes 13 rules, which were working for his life. I start to work establishment my own rules, based on experience and what I have learned from others. Also I met there really cool people, like an investor, who earned hundreds millions of dollars and now invest in China, Brazil, Australia, EU and Ukraine. He gave me several, hope useful, recomendations for the future.
with young diplomats, Washington DC

On Sunday, December 2nd, we moved to Milwaukee. That is pretty nice city. We have met there different NGO representatives, like Urban Underground, Boys and Girls Scout Organization, Youth City Council and high school students, College of Democrats. In high school we met with young leaders of this school, and I asked what is their vision for the future of the United States. I asked same question different young leaders in Washington DC. So, in the next 10-15 years the USA will focus on solving several issues, such as:
with Young Democrats of America, Washington DC

  • gap between Afro-americans and white people
  • quality of education
  • gay marrige
with United States Student Assosiation
I know these points need explanation and if you are interested, you may google it. Other thing, which I did in Milwaukee, was dealing with a lot of challenges my application form for Cambridge. Hope, it will work and I succeed. Also I took part in the competition of motivation letters and hope to win :). The notification of results will be on December 17th.

Yesterday, December 5th, we came to Seattle. That is just another side of the country. Minus 3 hours from Washington and minus 10 hours from Ukraine. There are few things, on which I should concentrate during the week:
  • be better prepared for the meetings (usually we have 3 meetings every day);
  • do homework from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  • networking: review all business-cards, which I received during last 12 days and create a database of it online
  • improve the web-site KMA Store and write a strategy for further development, do some research
  • go and see Seattle :)
volunteering: cleaning forest near Seattle

 We will be there till next Tuesday, when we will go to Boston. But that is another story. So, still a lot of things to do, but also lots of things are done. Do your best everyday is not so easy, but I try. The truth is I am not always enjoy the results, but as my Public Speaking Class teacher said: there is all time a room for improvement.

Seattle from the bus window


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