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"Станція "Споживача", - майже крізь сон почув голос водія електрички.. Я не зрозумів і перепитав у людини поряд - як називається станція, на якій ми зупинилися. У відповідь почув "Склозаводська". Десь на задньому плані промайнула думка "а я таки економіст..".

Friday evening. Last 5 days were quite busy and intensive. Here I would like to put short review:

On Monday I accepted the KMA-Store (www.kma-store.com) order from Lviv partner via Nova Poshta. Then me and Orest delivered all orders among students. Profit accepted. But for us it was even more joy, then money. Also I found internship in China at some manufacturing factory in 20 hours. Some kind of achievement :) In the second part of day I visited Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) for meeting with Bogdan Havrylyshyn, great Ukrainian man. It was interesting to hear his ideas and view on Ukrainian development, current and future challenges and role of youth.

On Tuesday I had a birthday. I am 21. "Not bad" - as Obama said. I met with friends in Mafia restaurant, ate pizza and had good conversation about Oxford, drugs, life stories, politics, business, environment. Actually I've never celebrate a birthday in such way. But realized: birthday should be celebrated. Some of my friends mentioned importance of environment. I have already mentioned this in previous post. But what I didn't say yet that is environment is not only about people around you. It is also about your brain. Not only outside, but also inside - what kind of thoughts you do have. It is all about what kind of books and magazines you read, movies you watch, pictures you see.

On Wednesday we (me and Egor) met with the President of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy to discuss about future of KMA Store. We want to have not only online store, but also offline real store. A place, where future students, students and graduates can come and try our products. Actually we agreed some points and still working into chosen way. Also I was on meeting with volunteers for IDCEE, also known as the Investor's Day. There I lent Russian Forbes for a week. Still reading - it's really interesting. Then I went to Toastmasters meeting at American Chamber of Commerce (www.toastmasters.org.ua). I am going to join this organization and develop my orathory and english speaking skills. Obama was also in this organization.

On Thursday I had a bit challengable evening. I organized a meeting with Yevhen Hlibovytsky at our university. At the same time  a bord of JCI Youth met for discussing organization deals, after I had a meeting regarding Switzerland research (due to participation in Viziya contest). That all happened  in four hours. Thanks to Alina B. - she led board of JCI Youth meeting, I was on meeting with Yevhen from 18.00 till 20.00, from 20.05 till 20.30 I was on conclusion meeting with JCI, than from 21.00 till 22.20 I was on research Switzerland meeting.

On Friday I slept at friend of mine home. At morning time (7 am) I went to Kitaevo monastery (there they had a font, where I was swimming for better health and choir). Yes, I am going to sing in choir at Men' Monastery. Then I was studying at library, preparing for classes, then I had two meetings. In the end of the day I met one great person, with whom we had lots of discussion and even debates regarding languages issue in Ukraine.

I tried to make it short in order do not be a boring. Of course I had classes everyday. Of course I wrote lots of e-mail regarding JCI Youth cooperation with Samsung, Google, Ernst & Young, JTI, our projects - NGO G20 Summit, Be Entrepreneur, ISell, ILead, satisfied (might be other word should be used here) customer orders (KMA Store), prepared a bit to GMAT, reading articles, news, meeting with more people and so.
I am on the move everyday and every hour. Of course, not everything is ideal - sometimes I have to act faster, to delegate more, respond quicker. But I am learning. And it is good.
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