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Sudak. Crimea.
During last month so many things happened. As usual. 

I came to Crimea in the end of August for one week for having a rest and was so surprised about beaty of the nature, mountains, seaside, fresh air, clean water. It was really fantastic time - I slept a lot, read a lot, swinmming a lot, hiking to mountains (even one night spend on the mountain). On the back was I did hitchhiking, because there were no available tickets for train from Simferopol to Kyiv. 3 am, raining, I am in 10 km to Mykolaiv (city in Ukraine), no one would like to stop for me. But finally in 20 hours I reached the capital of Ukraine.

From September 2nd till today, September 7th, I participatein in Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Poland. There were near 300 participant from 40 countries of Europe and Middle East. Before participation in the Forum I set several goals - what I would like to achieve there. I came to this event mainly for networking - meeting young leaders from different countries and understanding - what's going on in the future of EU. I found there good people. Also during the Forum I asked young leaders what they are going to do in future, what is their vision for a life and realized only few of them could give me the answer. I believe that true leader must have a vision for life, goals, understand own values and principles.

we have a question - me and Yaroslav on the Forum
We have met a lot of really great people, global leaders - former President of Poland, Deputy Prime-Minister of Hungary, Ministers of education, youth policy, transport, Members of parliaments of different countries - Poland, UK, Slovakia, Germany, etc. I very much like it, asked a lot of questions. Some of participants even call me "Question machine" :)

And now I am in Krakow, near Starbucks. Today I was in Oswiecim - Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum - victims of the nazi regime. During II World War 1.5 million people were killed there. It's uneasy to be there, understand how people could do such a terrible things, see crematoriums, tons of shoes and hair... We mustn't repeat it again. Never.
A friend of mine, JCI member from Romania told me that it was one of the most impactful days in his life.
in Aushwits, Oswiecim (Poland)
 Later I will put more photos. The Internet doesn't work well.



  1. Was ur trip to Poland helpful for the research?

    P.S. Great summer btw :)

  2. U know, it's funny, but actually not. We couldn't try enough what is Poland now, economically, politically, socially and by law. It was so much discussion about democracy and future of hole Europe, and a bit Poland. Even about Ukraine people discussed more :)


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