some points about life in May

Bettine, participant ESC from Germany
 6 hours ago NGO G20 Summit was finished. That was event, where leaders from 20 the biggest and most active organization came and met and created a strategy of development and action youth NGO in Ukraine till 2020. JCI Youth, AIESEC Kyiv and European Youth Parliament  - Ukraine were oranizers of that event and I also did some job. Summit was success, thanks to Alina, Volodymyr (other JCI Youth memebers-organizers), Tetyana Kashevko, Valentyna Leus (organizers from AIESEC Kyiv) and Anna Suprunenko, Egor Vlasenko (from EYP). It was first project, which our chamber did with other organizations and I am happy to get such experience.

Three days ago I came back from Odessa region, where I participated in "Europe in a suticase" project. Two month ago I have written about that. We (Bettine, Magda from Germany; Karolina, Justyna from Poland; Natalia and me - from Ukraine) met young people (pupils, student), local servants, librarians with aim to tell them what is EU intergation is. We were in Vylkove (Ukrainian Venice), Kilia, Izmail, Tatarbunary, Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky and Odessa (in last two cities I was not). If you think it was total fun and relax, you are not right. During the days we had two meetings in different villages and cities and have to travel by our magic bus on ukrainian roads up to 100 km. But it was very interesting. I improved my moderation skills and met with so many people, who knew from me something usefull for their life I hope.

I passed all exams and diploma bachelor thesis were sucessfully passed as well. In true, I do not know my points, but sure they are more than 80. I do not want to know.

During first dates of May, I was in Carpathians with "Spring Days". With other JCI Youth members we had fun and rest amoung mountains. It was short, but internsive.

In Vylkove.
NGO G20 Summit, first day. Openning.

Vylkovo - Ukrainian Venice


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