The Elephants Eater


Just finished my tasks for "Project management" class and decided to write a little.

So, busy. In true, I hate to be busy and strive being productive. Finally, I am busy and productive. Oh, God, how it happened?

Diploma (bachelor thesis). Yeah, that's very important and really big elephant. My topic is "Indicators of development foreing trade between Ukraine and CIS". My friend Vasyl Kotsovskiy and me already presented  that research and you can find in online here. I have a goal to finished that till this Wednesday. Sounds like a good challenge.

Business-plan. I am writing business plan for my university store. We alredy have on-line store But we are striving to the new horizons. And will continue writing that after finishing to write this post. I have never experience in doing this. That is time to start.

Examination period. Ye, baby, it happens. From tomorrow. I am glad to have 4 classes and already almost earned 3 grades (tomorrow I will know for sure).

Samsung. I do internship in Marketing Communication department. It is very interesting and cool. Practically I work for food :)

Project. It is NGO G20 Summit (meeting of 20 leaders the most active and the biggest NGOs in Ukraine), three organizations JCI Youth, EYP and AIESEC are organizing that together. And there are only Presidents of this year and next year. It is good and interesting. JCI Youth is presented by me and Alina Beskrovna, we responsible for IT (web-site), speakers and funraising a little. And I already found General Partner - Ernst & Young. This week we will meet and discuss about colaboration with that socially responsible company.

2012 Spring Convention JCI Ukraine. Big people will come and discuss how to change Ukraine on better. Thare will be National Presidents from JCI Latvia and the Netherlands. In Chernivtsi, next Saturday. I will join.

Conference MSU (Moscow State University). Next Sunday I will departure to Moscow and spend there 4 days. Back to Kyiv on April 14th.
tasty porridge from 6 months you must eat

Eat, but not yet pray and love). It is very important part of my life. Just eat. For instanse, I eat a lot of meat, the elephant's meat. For dealing with all that plans. Also I eat children's porridge. If you are 6 months years old - you must eat it. Nestle does children's porridge very well. Can not stop to eat :)

In April 12th I have deadline for application for one business scholl in Turkey. In April 22nd will held JCI Youth Congress and in April 27-29th will be ILead International - forum about leadership development skills. Really great one.

Also I received notification that I am accepted to BI Norwegian Business School. Cool! But still wait for scholarship results. Also I had an interview in Korean Consulate with mr. Consul with aim to study in South Korea for Master Program with scholarship, still wait for results.

That is shortly what is going on in my life.

Mg, keep in touch :D

And just UP!

ps. If you found some grammatical mistakes, please, consider never do them in your personal life.


  1. все дуже цікаво,
    особливо розважив твій 'ps' :)

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