Mirror on the wall

Just review my notebook for last month. I fail with Bain & Co, won third place on the selection Deloitte Student Competition (I will not visit Greece, but got USB, calendar and cup with Deloiite's logo), received a letter of invitation for participation in "Study Tours to Poland" in Warsaw in April 17-28th, selected as a participant of program "Europe in a suitcase". And my team won case-competition and prize was dinner in one of the restaurants KK. Also I had an interview with manager from Deloitte for Internship position, still wait for results.

I present JCI for participants of JCI Youth Impact

On Feb. 17-18th my team and I organized All-ukrainian conference "JCI Youth Impact" about project management with 70 people participants. It was success. Really. We (organizers) so enjoyed of high-quality organized event and like it.

On March 3rd, I had a dinner with team-winner Deloitte contest in Bocconcino restaurant in business-centre "Parus". Yeah, it was really nice evening. We discussed about different things - from how to work in Deloitte to possibility of war between the USA and Iran with Ksenia and two other guys, who won the contest last year.

Also I sent a case solution for CaseChamp (a championship of case-solutions). We (Alina, Bohdan, Marichka, me and Olga) solved the case about Hungerit company hardly and through very interesing discussions. And then till 4 am and made a presentation-solution for sending till deadline on March 5th 7 am (actually, stupid dealine time). I believe, that is best solution. Results will be on March 20-21st.

And yet I participated in LeaderCast "Voices of Change", which was organized by American Chamber of Commerce (ACC), particularly two amazing girls, who are in JCI Youht organized and lead project. It was discussion and videos of stories of successful people. There was Voices of Innovation, Purpose, Service, Influence and Hope. The most I liked Frans Johansson Voice of Innovation. The idea is doing business in absolutely different, unconnected on the first glance, spheres. For example, bikini+burqa = burkini for muslim women and that is so many opportunities for innovation.

And today I gonna review my life style and give more system, for incresing productivity and effectiveness. About results I will tell next week :)
ps. Can not stop to listen that music - Mirror (Lil Wane feat Bruno Mars).


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