Year's Conclusions. 2011.

2011 is almost done and as usual people do, they make conclusions about year 2011. You can review my conclusions of previous year..
somewhere in Austria, on the way to Salzburg

In true, I do not like conclude a year. It is better to compare and analyse your progress today in comprasion of yestarday. As one of friends said: "A little progress every day leads to big results".

Atlantic Ocean, La Coruna, Spain
Spring. After came back from Korea I got some ill and was forsed to be in hospital till May 11th. Then was no way to travel abroad (I was going to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Training in South Korea and Liberal Academy in Georgia). But what I did - All-Ukrainian leadership forum "ILead", which took place in the end of May, 96 participants from different regions in Ukraine, it was wonderful experience and I recognized real value of responsibility. 

Oksana and me: goal reached
Summer. I did hitchhiking to the Atlantic Ocean with Oksana. We traveled two and half weeks till La Coruna in Spain. Then I obtained two visas for 5 days and in August participated in two summer schools: Estonia, Latvia and Romania. That was really nice. Also I did hitchhiking from Kyiv to Riga through Belorussia, from Bucharest to Vhernivtsi, from Kam'yanets-Podolskiy to Kyiv. Yeah, in 2011 I had just hitchhiking summer :-)
Fall. We organized two All-Ukrainian projects - forums ISpeak and Be Entrepreneur as JCI Youth projects, which I initiated, other guys as me got good organization experience. I was elected as a President JCI Youth 2012.
One of the most significant accomplishments in my life during last 20 years happened in September: I run Marathon - 42 km and 195 m. It was really hard and I am so glad and proud that I did it. Later I decided to run Marathon 80 times in my life more, one time per year.

Winter. In December I pass exams, TOEFL and won KSE conference first prize for research paper, which was prepared with my friend Vasyl. Just got results of the TOEFL - 98 from 120. It is not so good, because for universities, where I want to study, exceptable TOEFL score is from 100. Probably, I will repass this test. Just two days ago got a letter from Kyiv School of Economics: they highly encored me to apply for thier Master program in Business Economics and, because of I am a winner of their conference, that is good chance to get scholarship for studying there.

As you can see, 2011 was being a year of good achievements, but at the same time it was a year of loses. I did not come to Africa (Uganda) as a volunteer, did not participate in Asia Youth Forum in Taiwan, did not participate in JCI World's Congress in Brussels and, finally, I am not going to visit my friend Kean in Thailand during this holiday as wanted. There are not so many reasons, why I lost so many visits abroad. May be, I am not so good as a time manager. At the same time, staying in Ukraine I did other things, which I could miss, because of the journeys.

Summarize, 2011 was a year of good achievements, but it could be better. That is all time a place for growth and development, for learning new from yourself and from others, for openning new horizons.. That is why I so like this life - living life with aim and passion! :)

Happy New Year, dear friend. Wish you understanding, willpower and love. ;)

Thank you that you are with me. Hug you :D


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