Business: last week of November 2011

Maksym Khramov is telling own success
business story to youngsters
I have to write that, because in this fast moving life something can be forgotten. Could you imagine how I will be surprised, when will read this post after 10 years or 20 years? Or when my grandchildren will read this post? Sounds cool, right?! :-)

In the end of November I organized with support of Taras (owner of Comman Business School) a meeting with businessman - Maksym Khramov, the owner of business network "Pizza Celentano" in Kyiv. He told for more than 200 people own success story, how he started to do business, what were strenths and weaknesses on the way ("Celentano Pizza" is a franchising business) and so on. It was very informative and I recognized some specific things about franchising business in Ukraine. Hope, it was interesting  & useful for others as well.

Also I interviewed three entrepreneurs - Yaroslav, Oksana and Oleksandr, who are doing business in Ukraine. I asked them about how they started business, what is their approach to money, are they happy, do they have a time for friends, etc.. It was necessary for my final paper for "Economic Sociology" class. THe prefessor is one of the best in our university - Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He graduated from Cambridge University and also works for business school. I just enjoyed this course - so innovative, we have read many scientific articles, which are related to real life.


During last week I did one of the most difficult thing - I bought.. shoes! Yes, in true, it is quite difficult for me - not to organize some all-ukrainian project or learn hole course for one night, - but to choose wear, bags and shoes. It takes a lot of time actually. Those time I moved by creative way: I did pictures of different type of shoes and than decide what I will buy. But when I have bought that, I just enjoy this new staff.
Finally, I have chosen shoes on the right picture.

ps. The main idea why I wrote this post is practicing English. Of course, memory is important, as well as grandchildren), but next Saturday I am going to pass TOEFL test in Lviv. So, if you will find some mistake in this post, please comment below. I will do my best for dealing with this.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Yeah, that is vey useful. I saw such kind of cards in the American Council's library for preparation for GRE.


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