my best 20th!

I don't know, good it is or not, just look at the facts.

19 years, Seoul, South Korea - city centre
In Octobers 9th I had birthday, 20 years. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Ukraine this like "full date" (for ins., 20, 25, 30..50 - 100 years) people celebrate with a lot of, really a lot of fun. My 20th birthday was very funny: I was studying and organizing projects. If you compare last year birthday celebration, when friends of mine with me went to the centre of Seoul (in South Korea) with posters: "I need a girl", "Today is his birthday", "free hugs" and my mobile phone - sooooo different - you coul realize how much fun I had.

It's not me, on the second picture, but you can imagine how it looked) Degradation? Growth & development? Might be, other guy after this comprasion would do a suicide, but not me :D

20 years, Kyiv, Ukraine - library

I guess, it's a new level of workoholism, Korean lifestyle still impact on me - do my best in goals-achievement everytime and everywehere, the best have never rest, bla-bla. Anyway, it works for me.

Seven month ago I gave a promise don't drink alcohol three years, and I didn't. You can not imagine, how sometimes is important to support your friends with driniking with them, especially if you are living in dormitory. You can speak with me about studying (not much) and projects (too much). Oh, I forgot about openning ceremony of new footbal stadium "Olimpiysky" and concert of Shakira. Yeah, it was really great! The oppening concert was on the one level with events, which I met in Korea (it means very very good). Also thanks to Vika, I saw footbal-live first time in my life! Ukraine:Bulgaris - 3:0, I proud of Ukraine :)

Also I continue to do preparation for TOEFL every day from 17.30 to 19.00, working - organizing the largest business conference in Ukraine - Biusiness Show, studying (here no comments) and change the world through civil society activities (all-ukrainian forums ISpeak and Be Entrepreneur).

One day three years ago I decided to be independent and free. Currently, I am independent and free. Of course, everything is realively. Nothing more. Anyway, I will remeber my 20th year old "celebration" all my life, if not - this post will help me)


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