last week of September: intensive & interesting

Alina and me are sleeping in Library. 4 am, Sep. 29 
 Long time didn't write. As usual, a little busy time.
Last week, was being so intensive by events. I organized 3 excursions to the Ukrainian Parliament, 1 meeting with former Minister of Finance in Ukraine - Victor Pinzenyk, JCI Youth mounth members meeting in JT International and had a night in university's library.

Let's look at that step by step:

  • Excursions to the Ukrainin Parliament: I already was being there 5th times, so those week I didn't visit. Katya, fresh-student, helped me very well in organizing process.
  • Meeting with former Minister of Finance: he told us about current economic situation, about necessary reforms and decreasing a role of state in the Economy, etc. It was interesting to hear, but I didn't get main points. It was being a lot of information.. Yeah, we have to do a lot of things for make our economy "healthy and wealthy" ;-)
  • meeting with former Minister of Finance
    JCI Youth monthly member meeting. I discussed a lot, presented current projects, told about future plans, ideas for development. JCI is worldwide federation of young citizens. We had to choose a President of JCI Youth for next year, but we didn't - no candidates/ I really want to develop JCI in Ukraine, JCI Youth, and sometimes think: Sergii, it is tooo much this organization in your life. I don't have no one day without doing something for JCI Youth and projects. 
  • Night in Library. Our student assosiation organized "Movie Night at library". Actually, it was only one movie "Pianist", after that we singing songs, I played mafia, watched cartoons, another movie ("Wants as you are") and under the morning - slept. Might be, it is the funniest event of last week) It was being really cool, thank you, guys.
Also I was working: organizing the largest business-conference in Ukraine "Bisness Show" and studying, as every normal student at my university/. But sometimes it is boring a little, especially theory without practice.
pipl in library. like refuges place)
This week I created new plan till the end of month, payed for participation in JCI World Congress, started to do preparation for TOEFL.. Still thinking about how to celebrate my birthday - October 9th. I will have 20 years. Unbelievable) Does anybody have ideas?


  1. the post itself is pretty good, though contains a lot of grammatical mistakes. still good:)

  2. You can jump with a parachute on your Birthday.

  3. Ptah, you have quite bad :P english knowledge, why only Skyscraper payed attention on this a lot of mistakes??

    it was too cold, raining - not so suitable time for jumping)
    I celebrated Bday by very very special way: in the library. o_0


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