life in three months. Summer.

It was so interncive and full of fun summer. I've visited 11 European countries, did hitchhiking to the Atlantic Ocean in Spain, participated in two different summer schools and, mainly, met with a lot of cool people, great friends!! Yeah, probably the best summer in my life.

  • finished my third year of studying (from four)
  • participated in International Economic Forum for Young Leaders and Experts
  • participated in TEDx Enterpreneurship
  • was going to do third parashute jumping in my life, but didn't because of weather

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  • obtained a Shengen visa for three weeks
  • did with Oksana hitchhilking to the Atlantic Ocean (La Coruna) through Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain
  • was sleeping in park in Paris, on petrol stations near Strasbourg and Wroclaw
  • obtained two visas for 5 days (Romanian and Shengen)
  • did hitchhiking from Ukraine to Latvia through Belorussia, Lithuania.

singing soviet' songs in the city centre. Somewhere in Romania.


  • participated in Baltic International Summer School (August 1st-14th, Latvia, Estonia)
  • participated in Bucharest Summer University (August 14th-28th, Romania)
  • did hitchhiking from Bucharest to Kyiv

after canoeing, Latvia
 Here I add some photos from summer schools... 
my BSU team). Romania

Ukraine culture presentation. Singing song "Ty zh mene pidmanula"..

with Sophie, from Georgia. Sownere in Romania.
Realized: if you want to live happy life, successful, with a lot of fun, you have to  follow your passion. 

Your dreams. Your goals. Your life. Enjoy every moment of your life. It's unique one. It's yours.


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