have fun in Estonia!

I am in Estonia. As mentioned before, still participating in one summer school about tourism in Baltic region. For last 5 days so much things happened.

Tallin, small capital of small Estonia
In Latvia we has good activities for every day: oriented game in the city (Valmiera) - we are winners), visiting Baltic coast and BBQ party, sunset, driving by bikes 32 km to National Park, learning latvian and estonian languages.. And that are everything with great people from different countries: Mexico, Germany, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Hong Kong, Cyprus.. We are playing toghether with a lot of fun, by way to Estonia we played Mafia in bus, it wasn't good as could be, because mafias didn't push at the same time some of citizens.

Also yesterday we made perfomance of our country food, I was leading all process. We were singing ("Ти ж мене підманула..") song and gave for trying ukrainian "salo" (fat), vodka, crimean wine... Georgia cooked "Hachapuri", also vine. A girl from Hong Kong presented a milk-tea and cookies.. Everything was being so high-much tasteble, very very delicious.. Then we went to night-club and danced. I've never in my life did dance so crazy way with Marianna from Poland. She is just amazing)!

Today was a little bit sleeping day: I was sleeping during the lecture about spa tourism in Parnu (in this estonian city we are now), during the estonian language club. A teacher gave us quite huge task for homework, and during the classtime we didn't satisfy as it was being during latvian language class in Valmeira - just too much! But one positive thing happened: we learnt one word in estonian "terviseks". It's not about sex, trust me) - it's just means "cheers!".

We played in game "Pantomima", it is interesting to see how a girl from kazakhstan shows a girls from Hong Kong a word "financial crisis".

I share my room with one Azerbaijanian man, funny guy, very friendly and soooo kind: he woke up me last night at 2 am (before I was sleeping quite good), because he back from party..

Generally, this summer school is good, friendly and interesting people, well organized project. Still enjoy and have a fun! And wish you the same! ;D


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