bus-day in Romania and non-bus night at the same place


Vidraru Dam
Today we arrived from Bucharest to Sibiu, Transilvania. This trip took all day, because we were driving through mountains, which are actually great!! I overslept my brekfast and finally felt so hungry when we were in hydroelectricity station. Yeah, I was being inside of Vidraru HydroElectricity station as a participant of summer school "Energy and Economic Growth". It was really really cool.
Romanian Mountains

Then we came to Sibiu, stay in Ibis Hotel and went to the restaurant. Actually I have never thought that you can dance in the restaurant as same as in the night club. There were many different songs, but mostly romanian. Aaaaaa, it was soooo f*king funny to dance with Lilit and Adrianu! Also I learnt some romanian national dance-movement)

Finally I realized: you will enjoy every moment of your life if you are just follow your passion!

Party in the restaurant
Thank you being with me and reading this post! Enjoy every moment of your life!!


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