Bucharest a little and great just good memories

Already two days in Bucharest, Romania. I am participating in summer school anot energy and economic growth. Before that I was being in Latvia and Estonia, for another summer school anout nature, culture and spa tourism. Add some photo here.
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I've never been in Romania, Bucharest is so special city, bacause of many biuldings in rich style are at the same time with poor soviet style buildings as well, which are needed to be reconstracted..

People: 55 participants from 17 countries. Many people from Romania and Germany. From Ukraine only two guys - me and Igor. Today met with a girl from Syria - she is a JCI member as me. People here are interesting, but I don't know why for me is hard a little to communicate with them. Might be, it's because of after summer school in Baltics countries, where I found many friends and even family, for me is not so easy to start new relations. Anyway, we had good fun yesterday in night club and during night sightseeng by bus in Bucharest.

Studying: very interesting, It's about energy and economic growth as I mentioned before. About green energy, conventional and non-conventional types, NLG, Russia, Qatar, Gazprom, China, energy infrastructe... Best knowledge, read articles from The Economist, professors have real proffesional approach.

Me: less fun and more serious. I don't want to be in assotioation with "Mister Bin" or something like that. Yeah, I know people like when I am very funny men, a lot of laughing, conversation and just bla-bla. But would like to try that way, call "boring Sergii". Still looking for new horizons and personal development.
Miss friends from Baltic Summer School, expecially my wife Marianna, my children Zarina, Mirza and Tanya, gramma Eleonora, father Khatai. Also all Geogrians and Kazakhs friends, Aksana from Belorussia, Katherine from Hong Kong, and amazing Cyprus. And Baiba: "Baiba-Baiba-Baiba, ou.." (Justin Beaber is singing about her)))


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