thank you!

Her name is Julia. I met with her on a JCI meeting, when became I member on this great organization - it happened two and half years ago. Then she got a President JCI Youth. She was being really a good president our chamber, organized projects, members' meetings systematically and on the high-level quality. Julia brought a Chamber Youth on a new level, organization got strong development.

In true, Julia very good helped me in a making concept of All-ukrainian leadership project "ILead" (we create the forum's concept together). Also she took responsibility to be a manager of first All-Ukrainian Youth Forum "Be Entrepreneur" (Bee), when I had to go abroad for studying as an exchange student (firstly I was being a project-manager Bee) and organized this forum with Sacha Z., Mary M. and Sacha K.

I wanna say thanks Julia for her activities, actions, which she was doing for people. Thank her for people understanding, strategical and analitical thinking in the project-management and organization well-being and well-doing. For her advises, useful tips, recommendations and support. The biggest Thanks for her striving to make this world better, than that is.

Sincerely wish her so much energy, power and enthusiasm in achieving her global Goals.


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