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today I arrived to Latvia, by hitchhiking from Kyiv trough Bellorussia, Lithuania to Riga, for participation in Summer School "Learn and Experience Baltics: nature, culture and spa tourism". Actually I depated from Kyiv in July 30th at 11.00 am. and came to Riga in July 31th at 20.00. It is about more than 1000 km.

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Hitchhiking in Baltic region. In Bellorussia it was being good, I didn't wait more than 20 min and visited Gomel, Minsk, met with one hitchhiker as a driver and he shared experience of hitching to Moscow and St.Petersburg from Gomel. But mainly I got: situation in Belorussia is not soooo bad, as mass-media in Ukraine are writing about. Might be, the policy of Lukashenko is not so good, but they have enough food in shops (some people said me they haven't), they don't have any corruption relations with police and government. Yeah, here if you want to leave good you have to work on two or three jobs, but in my opinion it's not so huge problem. Also people here asked me about dollars change, because in currency-change points they don't have free dollars or euros for buying..
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In Lithuania I have the worst hitchhiking. Drivers of small cars don't want to stop, even if they have a space and move in necessary direction. All my hope was on track-drivers, and finally I suceed. In Latvia also I was driven only with track-drivers (in Europe is much easier to stop a small car rather then a track). On the way to Riga, a serious rain happened with ice, and we stopped under the road, were waiting ('coz it was almost impossible to drive during this rain). And car broken. I don't know, something happened with energy system, because of rain and we then were waiting for another car, which took us to the nearest city.

First impression of summer school. Make a difference. Participants are from different countries: Mexico, Turkey, Portugal, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Slovenia... Very interesting people, I just met more closer with group of portugese-participants, one guy from Slovenia (thanks to him I realized so many things about Slovenia). In evening time we arrived by bus from Riga to Valmeria, had dinner (tasty) and conversation (were telling about education systems in our countries). A staff of summer school is very nice, especially Baiba from Georgia (very positive girl).


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