new experience!

When Sergii Molchanov will become "old man" and "grandfather" he gonna write book about his Life-Story and posts from the blog, he guess, will be useful for this goal.
25 of June, Year 2011.

But it won't happen soon, so welcome to read what is second part of June 2011 in my life.

Sereously I am looking for some kind of new sense. Opened list of tasks from 13 June and saw:
14.06 - create a plane for hitchhiking (to the Atlantic Ocean). Will go with Oksana. More about our hitchhiking plan I will discuss later.
15.06 - pass exam "Security of Labour". Almost sucessfully, got strong "B".
16.06 - preparation to the testing in KPMG and to the seminar "Ecology". Also on this day I past last tests to KPMG.
17.06 - was doing something interesting, but still not remember :-)

18.06 - participated in conference TEDxKyiv "Entrepreneurship". It was being my first experience TED in real life. You should know it was being really really interesting event. In case you never hear about TED, you can visit on and realized what is it (strongly recommend).
Different people with different ideas & experiences come at the same time  in the same place and communicate, communicate again, sharing own ideas and spread them in the world among pipl like me. Yes, it was so useful, because:
a) as networking - met with JCI friends from Odessa, new contacts with other entrepreneurs, NGO activists.. For example, I met with Taras (he is organizer RaiseIt conference) and agree with him JCI Youth as a information partner of conference (more detail there

b) as broad mind, new horizons & development. As I mentioned before: great people are talking about ideas. It was my great pleasure to be there. Doy you know that "smart-grid" is a market of future? What did you hear about social entrepreneurship? What is potential hybrid cars? What is strategy "Lviv-2025"? And a lot of other great ideas. Thanks to organizers for this event!
my first experience of parachute jumping
two years ago^^

19.06 - life continued and with friends decided to do parachute jump. We had strong preparation, it supposed to be new style of jumping (a parachute "5D-1-U"). But the weather was not being so good as we could expect, and we didn't jump :'(

20.06 - organized a training "Fundraising" (as a trrainer) for both organization teams of All-ukrainian forums "ISpeak" & "Be Entrepreneur". Guys got theoretical and practical knowledge about How to fundraise and best participants of the training will participate in the conference "RaiseIt", which one will be held 02.07 and speedraising (09.07). We gonna sereously find sponsirs for our projects!

What?? A little bit boring? C mooooon!! Okay, just wanna say one more point: I was being chosen for first of three interviews stages to KPMG - one of Big-4 companies (International audit and business consulting company, Business evaluation department)!! After CV copmletion, 5 different online and offline tests (math, logical thinking, proffesional understanding) this amazing company chosen me for first interview with KPMG's HR-manager from Moscow (through web-camera).

Interview happened on 24 June. I had a good preparation, but as I finally realised it wasn't enough. Don't worry, I wasn't failure, gave good answers on her (she is KPMG's HR-manager) different interesting questions (for instance, what I am thinking about stress).
Рєбята зажигают!
Thanks to Nadezhda Nedorezova (HR-manager of Atlantic Group): she gave me so useful advise. Real big Thanks also to Aleksandr, he really helped me in case of determining right direction for preparation.

But I didn't clearly answered on the question (have to say, a little bit unpredictible): "How can you imagine the procedure of work in case of evaluation company by market approach with using multiplicator". In true, I knew about market approach, but didn't have any ideas about multiplicator. The answer on this question was "Sergii's creativity without borders.."

Anyway, finally she told that was being nice to communicate with me and promised call me on wednesday to tell abot results and give some kind of feedback by the interview (based on my answers). So, just waiting for this..

Today I past my last exam in this examination year and finally got free-of-education at university for next two month. Third year is over, have one more and will get a bachelor.
"Barbara Streisand, u-u-u-u-u.." :-)

Also this summer I am going to travel by Europe (hitchhiking), participate in two Summer Schools: Learn & Experience the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia) and second one is Bucharest Summer University (about green energy).

Tomorrow (26.06) we gonna try to do parachute jump again, if weather would be so kind and allow make it. And in the evening Odessa: keep my sisters for visiting granfather in Kamyanets-Podolsky and also have a rest on the Black Sea. And on friday (30.06) will back to the Kyiv, because of on Saturday should come to embassy and give documents for Shengen Visa.

Thanks to the Mcdonald's for this great opportunity "free wi-fi", which I used for writing this post..

Heheh, continue to look for new experience, change the world and myself on better. Now I am reading a book "7 Commandments of Energy and Health" (Pintosevich), try experience new way of breathing. The exercise call "Powerful Lungs" - special way of breathing every morning. It's funny :-)

And thank You for being with me. Enjoy every moment of life, surely, with aim and passion!


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