great minds

Can make sense? One my friend from Philippines develop this phrase: "Great minds are talking about ideas. Avarage minds are talking about places. Poor minds are talking about people and bad things about them..". 
Just now you can say: "Yeah, from this moments I will discuss only about ideas.." But be sure, you'll cann't, 'coz it's extreme. Let's imagime that all our world has just white color. But then you to move somewhere else, to different world with different colors. Which world do you will like more? Most of us will answer - different, because human being is different, we are different. That's why we have different opinions, views. And our life not just limit by ideas. Yes, we have places, we have actions, we have people actually - how can we not discuss about that. That is human being!
I am not to call you all time as much as possible discuss about people, or events, or ideas. Simultaneously, I am not calling to stint oneself of smth. It's like an evolution, mostly all of us are striving for great minds. 

The main point, which I understood, great minds are not just for great ideas. Sometimes great minds can discuss about pleaces, events as well as people. That makes great minds actually great.


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