nowadays. Opportunity knocks only once!!


Yeah, these days are busy a little bit. I am a project manager of all-ukrainian youth forum "Leader Today. Lead Forever!", which will hold on 21-22 May. Just now looking for sponsors and partners. Last week I was doing fundraising, calling to big International Company and talking with PR, HR and Marketing managers.. This week will week of results.. But we do not stop.. Continue, continue please!
Also created a team - this wonderful people, everybody has his own motivation, personal interest but in common, the Idea of this Forum unite us - we sincerely want to help youth ukrainian leaders to develop their potential, skills.. About Forum I will continue later.

Also, in my life was coming one unexpected opportunity - to be as a director of one firm.. It makes me nervious last days. 'Coz I understand - that is soooo many benefit, I dreant about my business last three years, but from other hand it's soooo much responsibility.. I'll see))

And I got a job - calling to big companies and offer for them play in mafia, game "Mafia". One thing I have to say: I really like this game. There is intellectual development, logical thinking, realization who is liar, strategies, tactics... Life is theater by the Shakespeare, and Mafia really good to represent this..

Continue try to do meditation, development intuition.. Sometimes feel lonelyness.

And on these weekend I participated in Mini-Cycle. By the objective reason, I could not participate full two days, but anyway I had a great chance to meet with Mr. Lobo Tiggre. I really like his point: "Opportunity knocks only once". Yeah, it's totally can make sence. From other hand I realized his another point: "Every problem is opportunity.." Even word "crisis" in chinese language has two meanings.

And in the night from Thursday to Friday I was sleeping in the Coffee Hause. It's not because I do not have some place for sleeping - it's because were and are many things which I have to do, this coffee-shop was working all time and mainly has so wireless the Internet, which made me happy. Workoholic in the one word!

Stand up! Growth up!!

Thank You, for You are reading this.. Soon will be photo^.^ - I made reconstraction of my pink-korean-camera :-)


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