to do or not to do. You are a good man.

Yeah, I build this priority: "Education". In personal notebook is statment: "Finish first seminar from "International Economics" class or die!". But in real life very often to do, that you don't want do so much, can be complicated. It's about motivation. Now I read smart book about personal psychology, consciousness and subconsciousness.. By the author, our real Want is located on subconsciousness level, heart-level, intuition; consciousness-level is brain-level, logical level. So, I can motivate myself on the consciousness level "Why-education-is-important?", but if I don't feel some "response" from subconsciousness level - I will not be happy. Idea of this book to show How to build an effective "cooperation" between consciousness and subconsciousness level. It us actually a secret for overcoming lazyness and action to do for self-motivation people, who can say "Let's do it!", if in reality they do not want to do, but as result they do and feel yourself so happy. It is only by the author, his view..
Yeah, it would be so great, if people do, that they want to do all time actually! And I believe, that is absolutely right way to enjoy your life, be effective, be productive and reach success and fully enjoy your life..
Through an evolution, people created "society" and "government" fro better life for everybody. And every society and every government has specific rules, or "universal form" How to suceed in this world. In true, that is really easy concept "good life", which means your life is so goood, and you are feeling happyness:
1) You are a good pupil, finish primary, secondary and high schools;
2) You are a good student, who can choose that he/she want to do, in which sphere to build own career studying at university;
3) You are a good worker, find good job, working, grow up by "career stairs", earning money for living;
4) You are a good family man, create family, children, grandchildren..
5) You are a good pensioner, every month are received your pension and have a rest to the end of your life with your family.
5) You are as a good man peacefully die one day.
It is the scheme of a good life, general scheme for the average people in the world. Government supportes you in all steps.. And by logical thinking you supposed to be so happy man actually, right? BUT
You can be good, if you are stydying hard, working hard, save family... Here we can open one life rule: you can be a good man when you DO that YOU WANT TO DO. Yes, exactly you: no your mother-father-sister-brother-dogs-or-cats. Just you. Want: it is not make sense if you do NOT want. Stupied. Life is so short for spending on stupied things. Are you agree? Note: I here distinguish "fun-life" (drinking, cubbing, traveling) and "good-life" (every day life), because we usually feel happyness when have a rest and fun. But other part of life not always. It is because people must do things, which they do not want to do.

You know, this statement "do that you wanna do" is so famous and everyone knows this, but so successfully is ignored so many many people. When next time you will ask you: "Why am I not happy?", ask in addition please: "What am I doing????!".

And to be a good man means do my best in everything that I am wanna doing. It easy secret of successful life. Evidently, right? It is my vision. Consciousness and subconsciousness is quite difficult for understanding and boring for me just now.

Practice! Practice! :-)


  1. Respect!
    The most important and probably the most difficult thing is to be happy from coping with everyday routine and monotony, not from doing one exploit by supreme effort.


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