bye, bye 2010. Hello 2011!!!

hoh!! That is my first after return from South Korea. So many things happened: we (Rindia, Anthony, Grace, Keang) tried to achieve the highest mountain in Seoul (837 m) - Bukhasan Mt. (12 December), finally Anthony with Grace were lost; Rindia, Kyeng and me achieved peak, but it was being so hard and dangerous.
Then i had 1 week of totally fun, Lotte-world, shopping & buying souveniers for ukrainian relatives and friends, last drinking night in Seoul (16/17 December), with a lot of karaoke, beers, fruits and games.
More detailed plan you can see in my notes on facebook profile
On 17 December in evening time i departured from Seoul, Angelica helped me to pack my bag (thanks her, a lot; and shame on me).
In Dubai my left leg started to ache, and was forgotten a scarf. Nothing special. But from the window of airplane i saw Dubai. Amazing!
In Moscow's subway i got a culture shock, - a lot of poor people, police asked on the every step documents, so strong contrast after Korea.
My friends were happy to see me, asked a lot about South Korea life, got some presents/ souveniers.

In hospital on 27 December doctor said me: "Sergii, your left leg is broken. You need a gypsym." By this way, after two weeks hiking i realized this. Actually, it's so funny to have gypsum (didn't have before).
New Year 2011 was met with me & my small sister (parents moved to Italy for a job).
But leg with gypsum has one important disadvantages: you can not move freely, but for happyness i'll finished wear this one from 10 January.

From big plans-travelling on 2011: South Korea on February; UK/Serbia, Greece on March; Africa on June - volunteering program, USA on fall and Taiwan on December (Asia Youth Forum).

After watching movie "Forest Gump", meditation and conversation i realized: "Philosophizing is a mental process and does not lead to success. to Do. to Do. and one more to Do. It's my new religion."

2011: Just Do It.


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