took part in Hanyang G20. it was good. some of participants will be future global leaders. thank you Chair, for organzing this summit on the high level. my respect!

everything is possible. believe! Just do it.. take it easy!
it was not told by me.. in the world are people. more important than me. more desirable than me. more lover.
and what? everybody has own way to success!
now i experience a crisis of values. Indeed, i have goals, ambitions... but i don't feel that is mine.

found one web site with good (helpful) information about this issues

Successful people have clear values that define who they are. For example, Oprah
Winfrey wants to make a difference and get people to take responsibility for
themselves. Richard Branson of Virgin values a challenge, fun, and good value for
money. Knowing your values will define what success means to you and how you
want to do business. If you are unsure of your values, a coach can help you with this

i'm tired to live by formula: "If..., do..". but i'm okay.
i want to change myself by way implement new values or priorities other. this weekend going to stay in Budda's temple.. hope, that help me decide: what? how? and main question: "Why?"
That is list of values, some of them is mine.


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