budda's temple. good time and a little adventures


on the last weekend have been in the Budda's temple.
meditation, 108 bows, tea ceremony and total peace :)
yeap. in temple is really quite atmosphere.      People: canadian teachers (so beautiful!), Benny from Indonesia but working in Singapore, Michael from Australia -tourist and Chui Am Hwagye. We took temple stay for 1 night, except Chui Am. He has Temple Life - 1 month. All time in temple. He teaches me original Korean martial art, not Teak Wan Do (it's not korean). Agreed, that on Thursday and Saturday we will have meeting for trainings (free).
Chui Am after finishing temple life (near 2 weeks) going to Cietl (USA) for working as a journalist.
When i ask him Why does he help me, the answer was: "I think, that is Karma".                        Opening: never mind that a lot of thinking can be so dangerous :) It's hard, but it's possible. Just go and do that!

 So, now step by step:

a) start: me and Andrea decide to take temple stay. But by the way to this temple we had confuse - were not able to find way to this temple. ask a lot of people, one of them - Maria: "Yes! I'm volunteer and i will help you. What do you need? Internet? Ohh. Let's go, i have some friends...".
... in the library with internet: "Hey girl, we need the Internet. Give us please!..."
she is so nice :)) thanks her very very much. may be, without her we didn't find this temple.

b) registration: start tample at 1 pm, finally we came at 3. Andrea didn't has reservation, but magic word "please" and fire in our eyes helped us :-) so, we payed 30 000 won, and started our temple stay.

c) first lesson of meditation: Do you think it's easy? No way! when you are sitting down in "lotos position" 45 minits without break. But we enjoyed, even i was sleeping in this position.))

d) We had a dinner. Food: Andrea told "disgusted" and i support her. After dinner meditation. Second time it was being better :) Finally, we went to bed at 9 pm. hoh, woke up at 3 am. for meditation. just look on the shedule in the end of this post.
We had work as well - development our sweeping ability.

General Schedule

First Day
13:00~13:30 : Registration & Orientation
13:30~15:00 : Temple Manners Opening Ceremony
15:00~16:20 : Self- Introduction
16:30~17:30 : Learn Traditional Buddhist Meal
17:30~18:20 : dinner-TBM
18:30~19:00 : Evening Service
19:00~20:30 : Make 108 Prayer’s Beads
20:30~21:00 : Ready for Sleep
21:00~ : sleep

Second Day
03:00~03:30 : Wake up & Wash (in
03:30~04:00 : Dawn Service(in Silence)
04:00~04:30 : 108 bows
04:30~06:00 : Second Mediation (in Silence)
06:00~07:30 : Breakfast-TBM
Clean Bowls
07:30~09:00 : Tour to a Hermitage
09:00~10:00 : Tea ceremony
10:00~10:40 : Community Work & Survey
10:40~ : Closing Ceremony


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