wednesday. mid-term and conversations about life issues

today already finished this wednesday 13 October. I made decision to write about this day - just one day one of 6.8 billion people in the world.
so, woke up 10.27 am. and overslept my first exam in Hanyang University - Money and Banking, which started at 10.30. I have been late on 10 min. Actually, i was not prepare to this exam, but my strong brain and hand abilities helped me)

after that i had meeting with one girl from Hanyang Women Univ. I met with her very interesting: one time i bought a flower and wanted to present other girl, whose is working in cafe of Hanyang University (she is not very beautiful, but i can look for her on the day). But unfortunately i didn't find her on the workplace, thus gifted the flower (rose) other girl. She is positive, looking so good. Her age is 23, but i'd give near 18-19 years old. And today i had meeting with her. Just nice. We agreed to have meeting like that in near future, i supposed calling, etc..

than i had been korean language class. we prepared to exam tomorrow. ohh....
somedays i registered to Asia Youth Forum and after Korean class went to this conference. 41 student from 15 countries, this conference will be holding to 20 October. Today i just met with some guys.
18.00 i got ukrainian embassy and took ukrainian national clothes for presentation in this forum om Monday.

i general, that is an interesting story how i registered to AYF, deadline have been already finished, but i just wrote message to organizers, that i have a stong motivation to take part in this forum (in true, Asia Youyh Forum for youth from Asia's countries, for me was doing an exception)
about this forum i'll write later. just tell you, that i met with girl from Myanmar (mh.. i didn'n know where is it. But that is real country with military regime. Interesting!!)

ohhh, i'm sorry.  this post i wrote more for myself. sometimes i do cases, a lot of cases but didn't feel and look for results, neccessary results. So, i do secondary cases. But now i try to understand kind of cases is more important, what is my true priorities. Maybe, for that i will take tempus day - meditation in the Budda's Temple on the next weekend.

when you are in other country among other people.. you're changing more volatile then when you are in your hometown, homecountry.. and your view, glance, opinion on life are changing with you. at least with me.. i think, that i know what is My Way, but i know also, that i'm not sure in that, don't feel enough confidence, belief.. that's why.

 but i must be sure!!!! and i will be, i know...

be nature, be yourself!


  1. :) It's really great to read you - it gives some very needed positive :)

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