how Sergii find a girl in Seoul? or "I need a girl"

mmmm... my birthday!

started from midnight beetwen friday and saturday - my friends organized for me "surprise". They stollen my clothes and i had do different tasks - singing song, which know everybody (had a little bit difficulties, because friends from Thai didn't know western songs, which were knew me. but we agreed on "Mary Christmass"),
burst ball and dance my name by my ass, free hugs on the 00.30 - i had to do hugs 19 people (like my age).
You know, in the midnight to find 19 people for hugs is not so very easy)))
but i did it!

it was being the best birthday in my the last 19 years)

in the morning the we created tables "i need a girl", "010-8697-5334", "it's his birthday" and "free hugs" and went to Moengdong for shopping (from 12 to 5 pm.). Many people were looking for us as on "have-fun-people", "crazy-people".

after that we have been on the FireWorks Festival - great fireworks special for me) - i'll try download video on Wednesday. a lot of people, near 1.500 000 (yes!) were looking for fireworks on my birthday.
i got many messages and calling from many korean and not only korean girls (some times boys call me also))), called me one girl from USA and Germany, was doing a lot of pictures with a lot of girls.
was feeling like a star.
actually, i don't expect to find girl by this way. New friends - yes, but no girls. 

then we went to restaurant, had dinner, then went to the other restaurant - had a drinkings and dinner also.
so, i finished celebrate my birthday on Sunday 2.00 am

Anyhow, it was being Great Action, and i will memorize it all my life!

thank you, my friends, for that!!!


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