finally started

today i was sleeping in library 2 hours. gave me promise: Sergii, you will never sleep in library again. Unproductively, because it's inefficiently.

Library has 7 floors, reading room is open all time. some people are leaving here). you can find special place for sleeping. Actually, this place is more suitable for a hotel, than for a library.

yes, busy time. really bisy time. Study korean intensive - 4 hours every day in class+ a lot of homework. really a lot of homework! and i cannot memorize korean words. that's a problem. i don't understand my koren teacher.
for orientation: in class are 12 people, and 9 from china. Chineese and Korean languages have same pronanciation in words. So, for chineese people are not really difficult memorize words. but for me....
ooooooo, sanseymun ("teacher" - korean transliteration) please, do me punishment!

but i'm Ok. time management helps me :)

just do it!


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