AYF 2010. Leaders for the future!

Asia Youth Forum 2010 was being event designed to promote Asia awareness, cross-cultural understanding, social responsibility and world citizenship. I met with guys from different countries - 15 countries (Cambodia, China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia, Thailand + United Kingdom).
people from this international comunity have really understanding what they want from life. we are different, but have so much in common! development leareship skills, had speech in front of audience - was talking about issues "language learning in asia: the students view" (on sunday). after that we had interview http://koreabridge.net/ayf (video)

on Monday i have been mc on the culture perfomence night. Every country prepared small show about own culture. I prepared with russian friends (Ann and Dasha) and we showed how people celebrate "Maslenitsa". A lot of fun! Crystal from China played by piano, Yin from Myanmar danced, group from Philippines showed everything :)) - dance, singing song, presentation of our photos on the AYF.
Japan is other story.. Aya is my secret friend, she is famous as Japaneese Lady Gaga (in karaoke club was singing songs of lady gaga better than natural Lady Gaga))). Shin is guy who really help us. Leader is about him. Shota... man in fun, like me. we also danced, like a Michael Jackson :)
Kimboy (his nickname) from Philippines told me about asian way of thinking, how and why they behave yourself in specific situations (for ex. Chineese - in the restaurant they decide near 1 hour who will pay for dinner, because everybody want to pay. Because of honor. If you don't have money, you are also will say "i want to pay, i want to pay...". For them honor and respect is really important. Yes, in Ukraine is vice versa..).
Karla (Philipppines)... she was singing like a star.. with spirit. also she is strong orator (has good rhetoric skills) and so interesting girl! But i had great impression when knew, that she takes part in Junior Chamber International (JCI - www.jci.cc) i'm also take part in this organisation - vice-president by business 2010 JCI Youth Ukraine..
Phuong from Vietnam: "Leader must have vision".... I said "... and also work so hard for achieve this vision..".

Birdy from Thailand. Active student, also know about debates.. Wanee... she showed so cool korean people (we had also session cultural stereotypes, and showed stereotypes every culture in our view). She said: "Sergii, be like you are now all your life". Unfortunately, that is impossible. We are changing every day, every second... But, sure, i will be better.

also we had meeting with a man from North Korea. His story you can read in the next post. 

... this meeting was being impossible without main organisators: Tika (President AYF 2010, from Indonesia, after forum she answered on a lot of my questions about organising international forum like this. wonderful experience!), Chris, prof. Kip, Peter, Mr. Craig, Ms. Pak. and other guys from organization team. These guys did fantastic job, really good job! it was being great!!!!!
Big! Very Very Big Thank you very much for that experience, for fantastic people!!!!!

see you next year in Thaiwan, my dear friends!

ps. photos will be later. may be :-)


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