Korea oh oh

hehe. so long i didn't write something. just because i'm lazy.
one time i promised tell more about my life in Korea. So,
i'm studing here "Money and Banking" (3 hours per week), "Marketing Management" (3 hours per week), , "Korean Business and Economy"  (3 hours per week), and Intensive Korean Language (4 hours every day, Monday~Friday - 20 hours per week in general). Every class is in english, and it's a little bit complicated for my, particularly "Money and Banking". ooooo, one time i couldn't understand what about professor was talking )))
Now isn't so really good, but i can understand some information (but before class i prepare)
there is other system of education, we haven't seminars every week, just lectures. But we have mid-term exam (15-22 October) and Final exam 15-22 December (like our examination period)  
My rest: the last saturday organized trip to Mountain (near Seoul are o lot) with other guys, on sunday have been in nightclub. Dancing, dancing and drinking a little :). On Wednesday we're going to Lottle World (more info is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotte_World), photo will be later))
Right now in Korea is ThanxGiving Holiday - national holiday from 21 to 23 September and i haven't classes all week (yeeah!!!). On Friday going out of Seoul - another city. I bought here new leptop - Toshiba and  a photocamera Canon, be sure you will see photo new photo every week :-)
yes, u can see that my english is not so good. but i'm practice. My teacher from korean language tell me: "Sergii-shee (it means "Mr. Sergii") dont worry, just practice, practice!"
so, be happy!!


  1. Посміхає тебе читати:)) You're english is pretty well ;) I mean it's understandable)) Вже скучила за тобою - повертайся скоріш


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