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Discussion on AI, Big Data, STEM & innovation with Prof Tony Chan

Recently I had a chance to attend a discussion with Prof Tony Chan, President HKUST, on AI, Big Data, STEM & Innovation. Here are some notes and take-aways:


1. We are in the middle of AI race, which is happening between China and the USA. China is ahead.

2. AI (AlphaGo Lee) taught AI (AlphaGo Zero) how to play game AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero won without human data!

Here we introduce an algorithm based solely on reinforcement learning, without human data, guidance or domain knowledge beyond game rules. AlphaGo becomes its own teacher: a neural network is trained to predict AlphaGo’s own move selections and also the winner of AlphaGo’s games (source - Nature) 3. AI can diagnose better than human

4. Existential questions for scientists:
Will AI replace scientists?Can you rediscover law of physics given enough data?Can AI have morality?Role of university:
a place to learn basics (do not learn recent developments, because by the time student graduate - that knowledge might become obsol…

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