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Midnight decisions

Somehow I always find an inspiration to write after a midnight. And I failed again with my plan to sleep from 11 PM to 6 AM. I've tried for a week or so. Strangely, but even if I go to sleep at 11 PM, still wake up at 8:30 AM, as if I would go to bed at 2 AM - same time waking up. I set alarm, but don't hear it. Set 5 alarms, still 8:30 AM is the time I get out of the bed. Anyway, I wasn't going to write about sleeping habits in this post. So what have I been up to?

Coming out... From very recent I am trying not to get into legal trouble with The Economist. As you'd probably know, I have this huge passion for The Economist magazine. It went as far as I started to introduce myself recently as "part-time businessman and full-time The Economist fan". So been doing The Economist Club, a community of The Economist magazine readers and intellectually curious people. We do events three times a month on various topics. We take articles from the magazine as a base, so…

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