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Above the Drowning Sea

On the weekend I went to Jewish Film Festival in Hong Kong. We watched a movie called 'Above the Drowing Sea' directed by Rene Balcer and Nicola Zavaglia. Rene and his wife Carolyn was also present for Q&A after the movie. Above the Drowing Sea is a documentary about Jewish refugees from Nazi Vienna (Austria) who, at a time when all doors were closed to them, found sanctuary in Shanghai, thanks to the intervention of Chinese diplomat Ho Feng Shan who as Chinese consul in Vienna defied the Nazis and his own government by issuing travel visas to the desperate refugees. The film tells the story from the point of view of the refugees and the Chinese people who sheltered them.

Above the Drowning Sea - Trailer from rene balcer on Vimeo.
I found the movie very moving, telling story of refugees almost 80 years ago in connection to refugee crisis, which we have nowadays. It is a story of human connection, love and care, despite cultural and racial differences. It is about what it m…

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