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Meditations on Failed Interview

So I had interview with three senior managers from two leading companies: Hocoma and Motekforce Link. They sent me assessment questions for the interview and let two hours to prepare. I have done so and presented at my outmost ability. Shall you be expecting from someone applying for the job to know company and products well and in-depth for the moment of the interview? That kind of expectation was certainly towards me. After the introduction we had Q&A session, which showed that I missed so many important factors, such as reference to global strategy while setting up regional strategy, competition and overall market, asking questions on what was done before, where to sell, which products, etc. Also I failed to identify what would be major points of concern and needs of Motekforce Link management. Barry expressed it right away: ‘My concern is you will be doing on your own and connection with you will be lost..’, but I couldn’t catch it at the very moment and ask follow up question…

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