I saw you dancing


I saw you dancing in the crowded room 

You look so happy, and I’m not with you 

At Bedrex someone asked me why I dance 

I thought: “Maybe we have stood a chance,

Would I have been a better dancer?” 

I dance because I like, it’s fun, but then I realise

It came a bit of as surprise,

I also dance to honour you, and space we had 

Before it all went little sad 

To honour our love, the best of us, 

Our relationship, great time we had, and plus 

It’s one of many things I love about you,

You dance so well, it is inspiring too 

A part of me that you will never die  

This thought came with a tear in an eye

Even I won’t dance as good as you 

It’s love that matters, the best I ever knew 


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