When principles of humanism clash with the reality

A propaganda says: “It’s not so black and white,
You guys are brothers,
Attack from russia was rightly justified
So bear consequences of the mistakes of others

The war can’t be grey
No matter what they say
Just look at facts - they are so simple
Attack on peaceful neighbour is horrifically sinful

Aggression, killing and destruction,
It came from russia.
Don’t live in Age like it’s Mediaeval
Land-grab is anything but evil

When principles of humanism clash with the reality
When mind, soul and spirit can’t bear that brutality
In agony, this pain that we can’t anaesthetise, -
We dehumanise,

We call them orks, their country - orkostan,
Because it’s easier to kill a something that’s not human
A myth of brother, brother in disguise
Must vanish, die, and perish with no ruin,

For freedom, for democracy, and right to choose a life
We kill each other in the bloody season
At least we know for what we fight,
But what is their real reason?

“Liberty Leading the People” by Delacroix, 1830


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