Twenty Months On December 9

Missing you deeply, missing you dearly 

Whenever I go, I think of you, 

Whatever I do, I think of you,

However I feel, I think of you...

I dance and cry, and dance and cry, 

Just like that shiba in the corner,

BeDREX team doesn't ask me why -

It's all inside, within the inner border,

At least we've tried, oh yes, we've tried... 

The cookie-caramel ice cream in freezer,

The white Swiss sweater on my body, 

The all-new AirPods in ears,

The tasty sushi Raku in my tummy, - 

They ask for you, they call for you.

If only pillow could talk,

To tell all dreams that I have, -

Where are you, babe? 

Where, where are you?

How are you, babe?

How, how are you?

I miss you, 

just like a man in the midst of desert misses water (ah, water),

I miss you,

just like a dirty oily dish misses soap (ah, soap),

I want to kiss you, 

just like the morning sun kisses flower,

I want to hug you,

just like koala hugs the tree...

Because, hey, I love you, babe,

I am still in love with you. 


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