A Wish for a New Year

 “Losing is part of living. But some of us live even though we're lost. That's what love does” - the lost toy" ― J.K. Rowling, The Christmas Pig

As 2022 was about to come in, I finished the book of JK Rowling, a fairytale, called 'The Christmas Pig', fifteen minutes before the midnight. I was alone in my tiny room in the two-bedroom flat in Sai Ying Pun, on the Western street. My flatmate wasn't home. I did not feel like going out either, because I knew what I wanted and wished for I will not find at the LKF club parties or at the West Kowloon watching fireworks. Celebrating with friends and loved one did not work out, but I did not feel sad or lonely, because throughout years (of therapy) I've learned to be completely Ok within my own company. And the JK Rowling's book was actual fun read. The story is about a boy who went with Christmas Pig into the Land of Lost to find his old and very much beloved (but lost) toy. I think it's useful as an adult to read fairy tales, not just for your kids, but for yourself. Because such stories help to remind us what matters. Now if anyone asks me what's my favourite literature genre - I shall say "fairy tales" instead of "evolutionary biology".

While hearing crowds outside doing a countdown, I recalled how our family used to celebrate a new year, back then, when I was a kid...

... I would spend whole day at home, watching TV and playing games. There would be a Christmas Tree, which in Ukraine we call New Year Tree, because the New Year (Jan 1st) comes before the Orthodox Christmas (Jan 7th) and your tree would be standing dressed up by the end of December. Mom would cook dishes for the New Year eve celebration for our family and family friends who would come to celebrate together. We would watch the President giving a speech (I always thought it's being kinda boring), sit around the table, both kids and adults together. While on the TV countdown from 12, each of us, hastily, write a wish on a small piece of paper, burn it into a glass of champagne and drink it (yep, champagne with a flavour of a burned paper). It's quite an exercise to accomplish in 12 seconds, especially if you are a 10 year old. Then, we ventured to locate and unpack gifts underneath of the New Year tree... 

Reflecting on that experience twenty years later, now, when I am thirty, made me understand and appreciate a deeper meaning of family New Year celebration. Such celebration brings family and friends together at one table, where everyone is hopeful of the coming year, where everyone can think of a wish, a dream he and she wishes to come true. It's a festive atmosphere of faith in a better future, that the coming year will be better than the passing one. 

It is only in retrospective I understand that I have been living the very best years of my life (and this year will not be an exception). Hence, my wish for New Year is simple: I wish to have a New Year celebration with my family and friends, where we will sit together, both kids and adults, at the table, hearing a countdown on TV, hurriedly write our best wishes and dreams we want to come true on a small piece of paper, burn the paper into a glass of champagne, cheers together and drink it bottom up (unlike in my childhood, kids will drink kids champagne). 

Grandpa has been saying and always reminding that the most important thing in life is health, because when we have health we can achieve and genuinely enjoy other things in life, including the New Year family celebrations. Therefore I make my wish: a good health with a happy and healthy family members, to myself and to you, and let's drink to that :)

Happy (and healthy) New Year!

ps. “I may not shine as brightly as my friend Happiness,” Hope tells Jack, “but my flame is harder to extinguish.” ― J.K. Rowling, The Christmas Pig. 


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