The Room of Requirement for busy people

Harry Potter: "How many people know about it?"
Dobby: "Very few, sir. Mostly people stumbles across it when they needs it, sir, but often they never finds it again, for they do not know that it is always there waiting to be called into service, sir."

— Dobby explaining to Harry Potter about the unique nature of the Room of Requirement

Before your imagination goes wild, let me recap (assuming you watched Harry Potter): 

The Room of Requirement, also known as the Come and Go Room, was a secret room within Hogwarts Castle, that only appears when a person is in great need of it.

The Room of Requirement, from Harry Potter.

It won't be a big A-ha moment if I'd say that I am having a busy life. I won't surprise you, coz you probably are in the same shoes. I can't speak for others, yet as my understanding goes, it's a norm in any big city like Hong Kong. 

Once I observe a history of WhatsApp conversations with some people I tried to go for a date (it's a stage when you move a conversation from Tinder to WhatsApp, but haven't agreed the time to meet yet), and find out that I am being pretty consistent about being "busy". I also stopped giving my whatsapp if I haven't met a person (let it stay in Tinder databases forever). Declaration: at a time of writing I am taking Tinder and other dating apps sabbatical (no, I am still single, just #toobusy). 

So that led me thinking - do I really want to live a life this way? Do I want to look back and say: "Damn, what a busy life I had!"

And the answer is no. I do not want to be busy all the time. But why am I busy? 

Being busy brings a sense of importance to life. Like life matters. I do not want to waste my time by doing nothing, so I better do something, right? Carpe diem. Then the choice come to what is that something. Based on what I value and what I need, of course, you will see me signing up for responsibilities, and some more responsibilities, and more. To someone from outside it may seem quite random, but - it all makes sense to me. Work and non-work. To a degree that I am full. Occupied. Busy. No time to die.

Hong Kong minibus. Often it gets full and you can't get onboard :/

"No one really asks me to draft this document at 11:20 pm. So why am I doing it?", - sometimes I wonder. The inner sense of responsibility is an amazing thing. Here we can come back to the meaning of being a good man, but let's not go there. I just want to get my dose of serotonin and dopamine (dopie). Nothing to hide, I do get joy from getting things done. So I want more of them done. And more. And more. It's like cocaine, but legal - no death penalty if I happened to live in one of those 35 countries which hang you for drug offences. Oh China is among then. Huh. 

List of government-approved addictive substances. Source:

Imagine a world where working after 6 pm would be regarded as a serious crime (to the point of capital punishment). I'd be dead by now. And probably you too, if you are reading this (coz I don't know anyone who does not work after 6 pm). 

Today during the call Michael (CEO of EGZOTech) suggested I shall read "A subtle art of not giving a fuck". Really? I gave up long time ago that any book can fix me. Maybe it'll enrich me. And make more busy for sure. But certainly I will give a fuck, because I can't otherwise. I choose to. Or I let inner sense of responsibility to choose for me. Sometimes I wonder who is this stranger in my body. 

If I am not drafting a document, I'd be doing something else. Like writing this blog (which happens occasionally). Recently made myself busy with reading "Crime & Punishment" by Dostoyevsky (but hey, happy to report that I finished and not busy with it anymore). Who could think it's actually a love story? It is and I enjoyed it. At times it was little heavy, but only a little. I like it heavy tho. Because more real. Have you ever thought of a paradox that fiction novels are more relevant to daily life than non-fiction?

After Dostoyevsky I started reading Murakami (finally, after all these years). So far, it's okay. Perhaps instead of reading it in English, I should try it in Japanese? Oh wait, let me to learn Japanese first. But before that let me finish learning Mandarin and Polish languages - this is what I am busy with recently. And get a master degree in Medical Sciences from the HKU (or something else from somewhere else). 

This evening I "watched" 3 movies on Netflix. My idea of watching movies: find a movie on Netflix that sort of interests me. Watch a trailer. Google the title. Read the plot on Wikipedia. Done (get my dopie, yes!). Then cancelled Netflix subscription. Dostoyevsky was more fun. 

When I was reflecting on the idea of being busy with my coach Tony. He said: 

"Knowing you for over a year, you will always keep yourself busy. Even if you stop doing this one thing [being a manager], you will find something else".

I was discussing with him that being a manager takes so much time. So I'd rather just be doing sales. However, in his words I should simply learn to create more "inner space". Like The Room of Requirement at Hogwarts. And the legend goes you can find the key to that room by doing you-know-what practice. 

Maktub, as they say in Arab world, which basically means: "It's written". 

And thanks for reading and being with me. Let me publish it and get another dose of dopamine and a bit of oxytocin after sharing with you :)


  1. Honestly, I'm not too much into Harry Potter world (shame on me!). Anyway, I have some thoughts about that.
    As for me, the Room of Requirement is like a special "right" for oneself to have a rest. We definitely have this right, but we still have some doubts despite anything. I mean that we don't have to do something every time, every precious second of our lives. People tend to forget this, and their lives become similar to endless traffic jams. So, our mission is to find that Room of Requirement (or pay attention to the red color of traffic lights) and enjoy the moment. Driving without stop can cause burnout or something... We just should allow ourselves not to do anything from time to time, and this will probably make us more friendly towards ourselves. However, this may also take some time and efforts to accept the fact that you are doing nothing and it's okay... but it's also okay!

    On the other hand, doing something obviously makes your life more meaningful (as you've said). Thinking about that, I can surely assume that being busy doing important things (and good deeds) is just your destiny, or authenticity (as you wish). In other words, do what you love and love what you do :) Have a good rest!


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