Letting your people go

Banksy's Girl With A Balloon

At times you may go. "Well, that's life - people come, people go", the one might think. But then people whom we really value and treasure, people whom we love, people whose company we sincerely appreciate - they go. And then it feels a bit like a loss. Many reasons, and I may not really know why. You didn't tell me, you just drifted away, like a ship faded into a far sea. And when I realised you are far, and tried to call you back - it's not possible, because of the distance, you won't hear. 

Everything happens for a reason. I could have appreciated you in a better way. I did not realise how important you were while you and me went out for dinners or worked together. We enjoyed our time, we had a good run. I could have said things more clearly, or less confusing. It's especially difficult when we come from different cultures and speak not the same language. 

I would think why, damn, did I said that? Ah, I didn't really mean it! All I wanted to express was something else. So often I took our communication for granted. I would say something and expect you would understand it in the same way I did. But then you didn't. I was not clear enough. Sometimes I wish I could explain. And have you with me, for the last time, to have a conversation, to tell you how much I value you and how important you are. But then, will you listen? Or will I be able to express myself clearly enough?

One thing I know for sure is that I miss you. I would recall our time together, and would smile, and I would want to talk with you. I hope you were still with me and would very much like for you to be back. Otherwise I have to let you go, even if I do not want to.


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