Some points about people's behaviour

Last time I have a little bit thought about friendship and friends. It is to say that I have a lot of friends and it is all time pleasure for me to communicate and meet new people. And yet, few people I can call close friends, they are exactly three. I like them because they are true. Do not try to show me 156 times in one minute how cool and important they are and at the same time do not show me how cool I am. Of course, we are cool in our special way. I believe that everyone has really great personality, but sometimes this personalities do not think so. That's the pity. Friends say what they think, do not have a fear to show their position, point of view, which could be different. They are what they are and we have so much in common.

But I am not going to write an essay "What is the best friends", do not worry). Just want to share with you something interesting about people.

Bohdan Havrylyshyn sayed once: "We are all humans, who have good part and bad part. But it is your choice which part you see better". I have contacted many people and tried to look in reality: both good and bad things and how the person try to improve yourself. Yep, JCI ideology "Be Better" with idea improve yourself every day and compare "me tomorrow vs. me today" works well.

I can accept everything - all good and bad things in people. The only one thing, which is hard to accept for me, it is when person behave unnaturally. What do I mean? For example, some people have read "smart" books about manipulation, NLP, etc. and stupidly use all technics in order to reach their aim. And they understand they are untrue. Unfortunately for them, the point is that others see "untrue". Sometimes you can not realize this manipulation exactly in process, but later, after communication it may leave "not nice feeling". Would you like to have a conversation with such a person again? I don't think so.

Untrue behavior is not non-confident behavior. Usually, this people are so confident. Follow Stephen R. Covey (The 7 habits of highly efective people), such kind of people have so developed Personal Ethics (basic principles of effective living) and no Character Ethic (following the Golden Rule, integrity, humility, fidelity etc.). And when person sayed: "Sergii, you organized such a cool and wonderful event. I so enjoyed". At the same time her smile, eyes, body language are performing like after electric shock. It is actually a bad actor.

I could continue this conversation, for instance, realize what are the roots of such behaviour and make conclusion that this people in true need help, because they are unhappy. But it is too late and I want to sleep.

Main message: please, be natural & true, do not use this stupid technics for reaching imaginary success. I think, it is not.


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